Biker's Bill of Rights

1. You have the right to wear leather pants, chaps, vests and jackets and not be perceived as having a fetish or being a pervert.

2. You, and only you, have the right to wear nonprescription clear glasses despite what any fashion magazine says is in style.

3. You have the right to wreak havoc on overly sensitive car alarms with your new aftermarket exhaust system.

4. You have the right to take off work on any given, beautiful day, using the excuse "the road is calling."

5. You have the right to wear a kidney belt and not have your wife or friends refer to it as a girdle.

6. You have the right to take up as many as three barstools at any watering hole or coffee shop for helmets, jackets, and any other biking paraphernalia.

7. You have the right to ignore anyone along the road who begins a conversation with "I had a cousin who had a motorcycle once."

8. If you don't feel comfortable in a particular lane you have the right to create one.

9. You have the right to hold up traffic for miles behind you in order to have a heated argument with the toll collector on why you should only have to pay half a toll because you only take up half a lane.

10. You also have the right to go through any toll, even if your passenger lacks the coordination to throw loose change into the collection bucket at 30 mph.

11. You have the right to sing "Wild Horses" at the top of your lungs while riding and honestly believe that you are singing in tune.

12. You have the right to give anyone riding in the back of a limo the finger for abso-frickin' lutely no apparent reason.

Reprinted from an article in Easyriders magazine