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2022 Miles

This is a journal of riding miles for those that want to keep track of me. I started with mileage on the odometer for the first day of the year and then tried to keep up with it for the year. Check back here for updates and to see if I can get a couple of miles in this year. I will not be listing specific organized runs that I make during the year. Because I ride nearly every day, I won't be keeping a daily journal.

October 2020 I was hit and had major damage done to my 2016 Cross Country. No major medical damage, but the bike was nearly totalled. I took until May 2021 to repair. I also took my 2010 Cross Country to the Vic Shop in Iowa to be refreshed. No miles to report November 2020 to April 2021.
In 2022 my wife was diagnosed with Leukemia, and requires around the clock care. Much of my riding time is being taken by taking care of her and making sure she has the assistance she needs. Hopefully she will go into remission and I can get some more riding miles in. Right now it is about family. I am still riding to work, and occasionally a club ride.

I started at 168876 on the 2010 CC, and 68898 on the 2016 CCT on January 1, 2022.


Prior to January 2003, I had over 400,000 miles in the saddle.

2003: 5828 miles
2004: 9586 miles
2005: 9640 miles
2006: 9857 miles
2007: 12030 miles
2008: 15010 miles
2009: 22436 miles
2010: 18520 miles - Over 500,000 miles
2011: 21356 miles
2012: 22049 miles
2013: 21265 miles
2014: 21824 miles
2015: 21167 miles - Over 600,000 miles
2016: 21527 miles
2017: 23824 miles
2018: 19375 miles
2019: 20836 miles
2020: 20900 miles - Over 700,000 miles
2021: 12644 miles
2022: TBD miles

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